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RSingle mother in need

Anonymous started this conversation
I am a single mother of a 14 yearold. I work a part-time job, it don't pay much but it keeps a roof over our heads. My son has medical problems. He has had his colon removed before the polyps turn cancerous. The polyps keep coming back, so to keep them from turning cancerous he has to get his rectal lazzerd every 6 months the rest of his life. I've had to do some repairs toy van but still in need of car repairs. I just replaced my thermostate and a new battery but now it wont start. I was told I need a tune-up and replace the coil from ignition to my mastercylinder needs to be replaced. I am seeking help for Christmas and car repairs. So that way I can take my son to and from dr appointments. Plus be able to take my grandaughter to church like we've been doing for the last year. My son ends up in the hospital a couple of times a year for weeks at a time, so I have to take time off.
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